FTDI configuration on Gurux.Serial.Android-master

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Jaume Sole
FTDI configuration on Gurux.Serial.Android-master


I've been testing in order to verify that my probe functions correctly the demo app you have developed.
I've noticed minor changes should be done:

- in file device_filter.xml
<usb-device vendor-id="1027" product-id="24557" class="255" subclass="255" protocol="255" />
product-id should be #6001 -> 24577 (not 24557)
all probes I've tested have subclass and protocol both 255

- in GXFtdi.java
in function is using should be:
if ((vendor == 1027 && product == 24577) || "FTDI".equalsIgnoreCase(stringManufacturer)) {
vendor is repeated and number is not correct

- consider adding to the androidmanifest.xml
<uses-feature android:name="android.hardware.usb.host" />

With those minor changes I've been able to send using this demo.

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Our client is using cheap Chinese USB dongle with this product-id.
We added your product id.

We modified app's androidmanifest.xml. Not it contains.

android:required="true" />

This was already included to component's androidmanifest.xml.

New version is released:1.0.8.

Thanks from your feedback. I added your name to credits.



Mikko Kurunsaari
Gurux Ltd