GXSerial csharp Sample v394 svn error with Sync option

I have updated the svn source code (vesion 394).
when I used it to send command to my meter. With
- check Sync option : it have no data send and received is 0
- nocheck Sync option (Async):
+ if serial port config: data/parity 7/even
send:/?001! received: /GEC5090100301000@000
+ if serial port config: data/parity 8/none
send:/?001! received: ?G??5090?0030?000?000?
How I fix it?I compile with Visual Studio 2008.
Do you have tested?

And sometime it return stranger character after data /GEC5090100301000@000:

C'est la vie!

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Default settings for IEC in handshake are
BaudRate = 300;
DataBits = 7;
Parity = Parity.Even;
StopBits = StopBits.One;

GEC is Manufacture flag.
5 is used bitrate
rest of numbers are meter serial number, etc.

In handshake bitrate is changed to upper on the fly.
Study Gurux IEC Protocol AddIn to get more info how to implement this.



Mikko Kurunsaari
Gurux Ltd