Send and receive long messages

GXSMS is a very good component and is very easy to use, the only drawback that I see is that the component is not able to send and receive long messages where the character count is greater than 160. Currently when receiving long messages, the message is received as separate messages with some ascii characters (é@ø 0) in front.

The scenario where I am hoping to use this component is to receive customer feedback through sms and most of the time the received messages have more than 160 characters and in turn the replied messages may also exceed the character limit.


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Hi Wasantha,

Thanks for your kind words.
No one of our clients has asked this so I can't promise anything happend fast.
I will add this to the request list.

Lets hope that Cristmas is early in this year. ;-)



Mikko Kurunsaari
Gurux Ltd

Thanks for the quick reply.

Looking forward to a early Christmas ;-)

Kind Regards,