Stuck in Media.Receive

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Stuck in Media.Receive

hello, i try to read Actaris SL7000. i use Gurux.DLMS.Net library. i take as reference ur example code.
when i try to send data there is no problem, i see transmitted data. but program stucks in Media.Receive Method included ReadDLMSPacket Method. i didnt change ReceiveParameters object because of i dont know how it work. Actually i can see that the meter send data but i dont read this data.
Where is the problem? How can i fix it?


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Have you set eop for media and ReceiveParameters? Something like this:
media.Eop = (byte) 0x7e;
ReceiveParameters<byte[]> p = new ReceiveParameters<byte[]>();
e.Eop = (byte) 0x7e;


Mikko Kurunsaari
Gurux Ltd