Association View request problem

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Association View request problem

I'm new with Gurux.Net and I'm tring to use the Gurux libraries to read Meter device data.
I tried to develope a little class for manage meter device connection, but I've problem with association view call:

GXReplyData reply = new GXReplyData();
ReadDataBlock(Client.GetObjectsRequest(), reply);
Client.ParseObjects(reply.Data, true);

I have an exception on ReadDataBlock command:
{"Access Error : Device reports a unavailable object."}

I suppose Client.GetObjectsRequest() didn't return a correct object. I analized the code of the class GXDLMSClient and I found that the object name returned is:


I cannot understand which object this command refear:
==> Client.GetObjectsRequest()

I tried to change this name, but I think is not correct.

Probably, my meter, hasn't got these LN, so I cannot execute the association view call.

Shall you help me?


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I'm sorry for the slow reply. For some reason, I did not notest your post earlier.

You didn't say what meter you are using. It might be possible that it's not support Logical Name referencing and it's using Short Name referencing. Try to set Logical Name referencing to false and connect again.


Mikko Kurunsaari
Gurux Ltd